One recipe (or rather, a group of recipes) that particularly stands out from all the other Lebanese foods is the Mezze. The Mezze is that one single dish which can be attributed to have made Lebanese cuisine world famous. Mezze is nothing but a mixture of about 30 (maybe more or less, but usually, it is thirty) dishes, hold and cold, served simultaneously. Now, the dishes in a particular Mezze can vary, but the general protocol is that every Mezze would typically have salads (Fattoush is an example), sauces or dips (such as Hummus and Matoubal) and patties ( such as Sambusacs and croissants) and finally the stuffed grape leaves, which are an integral part of the Mezze.


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Lebanese cuisine has a rich collection of  foods  and recipes that are local to  the region. Ackwai (a local variety of cheese), Baba ghanouj (a recipe made by charring eggplant and grilling it to the core- served with various sauces and purees as dips) and Kunafi (which a local pastry stuffed with nuts, syrup and sweet white cheese) are some of the best recipes from Lebanese food.